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Site-specific Checklists & Inspections

If you have your own checklist, with the items that are unique to your site, just let us know. We will add you site-specific checklist and make it available to your profile only.

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OHS Act Appointment Letters

The OHS Act requires that you formally appoint employees in specific roles e.g. Fire Fighting Team Member, First Aid Team Member, Equipment Inspectors and several others

'tasksafe' includes all the latest Appointment Letters

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Daily / Weekly / Monthly Checklists & Inspections

There are several Acts of Legislation that require Health, Safety, Security & Environment equipment and activities to be monitored regularly

You get access to the latest checklists & inspections required by law

We also provide FREE hosting for any Oil Company inspections, audits and checklists

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All available checklists

  • Get access to the right Health & Safety checklists, inspections, audits and appointment letters
  • Add photos, location, comments and create actions for follow up
  • Automatically generate detailed reports to show as proof of compliance
  • Save reams of paper by printing only selected reports for your hard copy file
  • Distribute the workload to your management team, supervisors and even staff to get everything done quickly and easily

Easier Legal Compliance

Comply to OHS Act requirements by quickly and easily completing the right checklists, inspections and audits

Send us any additional checklists & audits you use frequently and we will add them for FREE

Trend Analysis

View the Analytics dashboard to get quick feedback on Health & Safety issues that need attention

Show Department of Labour & Department of Health inspectors that you are monitoring trends and analysing data as legally required

Automatic Reports

'tasksafe' automatically creates a formatted report every time you complete an inspection

All reports are stored in the cloud so you never have to print another report or struggle to get the right document from your archives

You can selectively print reports for your hard copy file and save reams of paper and money by doing so

Scheduling & Notifications 

Easily set up a schedule for the most important checklists & inspections and get notifications via email and through the mobile app

Quickly view the upcoming inspections for the next 7 days so you can plan ahead and get things done faster

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone

Easily access 'tasksafe' wherever you are on site so you can quickly start and complete an inspection whenever you are in the right area or department

Distribute the workload

Stop doing everything yourself and delegate inspections to staff members

You can easily track what has been completed and which scheduled inspections have been missed as well as quickly view the failed items to identify problems

Month-to-Month Subscription

There are NO long-term contracts or expensive device agreements

All subscriptions are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time

Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk team is available to assist you with step-by-step support and troubleshooting

We also provide easy to use how-to guides which you can print and keep on hand


Phone: +27 76 621 2571

WhatsApp: +27 12 804 5066

What users from sites all over South Africa have said ...

"On our first inspection we found several items missing from the spill kit"
"I was not aware of the different Appointment Letters and which needed to be completed at my site"
"The template immediately shows you if the temperature is outside the approved maximum or minimum degrees"
"Quick & easy to complete every time"
"Drills are always difficult, but the checklist included steps to work through the drill without disrupting the forecourt or shop"
"I wasn't even aware of this requirement until I saw it on 'tasksafe'"
"We use this checklist for every new employee as proof that we completed workplace orientation"
"This checklist has helped my managers prepare much better for the financial year end"

'tasksafe' - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do I get access to all available templates? (click here to see details)

Do I get access to all available templates?

Yes on ALL plans you get ALL the available templates. Scroll down to see a list of all Available templates that are part of COVID-19, Inspections, Appointment Letters and Other templates.

What is the easiest way to complete an inspection? (click here to see details)

What is the easiest way to complete an inspection?

The quickest way to complete an inspection, checklist or audit is to use the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. That means no printing, no clipboards and no running around.

It's as easy as opening the app, finding the template you want to use and tapping on START INSPECTION. You can easily answer the questions and even add photos or comments if you want. When there are no questions left, simply tap on COMPLETE.

Where do I get reports? (click here to see details)

Where do I get reports?

The system will automatically save your inspection securely in the cloud and create a formatted report with all your information.

You do NOT have to print every report. You can view reports at any time and pick and choose the ones you want to print for your hard copy file.

All reports stay in the cloud FOREVER as long as you remain a registered client. Besides saving tons of money on printing costs, you don't need to keep reports in dozens of boxes and files in your archives.

Can I schedule inspections? (click here to see details)

Can I schedule inspections?

Yes, definitely.

Our Helpdesk can schedule inspections for your service station based on your needs. E.g. you may want specific inspections to be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. We can also give you guidance to find a schedule that works for you.

When inspections have been scheduled you will get email reminders so you don't forget. On the mobile app, and the browser app, you can easily see which inspections are due in the next 7 days.
How do I see our progress? (click here to see details)

How do I see our progress?

You can track progress very easily.

Tracking progress is easiest when you log in on your laptop or desktop computer. This gives you access to lots of additional information. You can log in from anywhere in the world which means you can keep an eye on your Service Station while you are sipping cocktails in Mauritius.

You can see ALL the completed inspections under the INSPECTIONS tab. You will see who completed it, when they completed it and what the overall score was. It's also easy to spot inspections that have been started, but not completed.

You can see scheduled inspections under the SCHEDULE tab. You will see which inspections are coming up and what the start date and deadline date is. There is also a separate tab where you can see which scheduled inspections have been missed, or completed after the deadline date.

    How do we identify Health & Safety problems? (click here to see details)

    How do we identify Health & Safety problems?

    One of the major benefits of using an online system is that ALL your data is combined into reports and analytics. The disadvantage of paper forms and audits is that you were not able to do much with the information.

    'tasksafe' makes it easy to identify problems from single inspections AND from several inspections over any period. 

    Every completed inspection is automatically formatted into a report. You can easily identify individual reports with low scores and view the report to see the detail. All Failed Items are shown after the title page of each report so you have a quick list for reference. 

    You don't need to print anything or look through files and boxes to find the reports you want.

    'tasksafe' also includes an Analytics Dashboard where you can look at the data of ALL inspections combined:

    • When logged in on your laptop or desktop computer you can click on the ANALYTICS tab to see several graphs and metrics. All graphs can be filtered by date range, template used, and more.
    • You can easily see the number of inspections completed, average score and failed items on the Dashboard view.
    • You can click on the Total Failed Items header to see all the questions that had failed responses. This includes any question that was marked down or any response that did not score 100%.
    Is 'tasksafe' only for Health & Safety? (click here to see details)

    Is 'tasksafe' ONLY for Health & Safety?

    Definitely NOT!

    Although it has been developed for monitoring Health & Safety, it can be used for any checklist, audit, procedure or repetitive activity.

    Here are a few examples where 'tasksafe' is already being used:

    • Some Fuel Retailers have sent us their operational checklists such as a promotion merchandising checklist, visual standards checklist, and delivery checklist. Just like Health & Safety, these inspections can also be scheduled and also get automatically formatted reports.
    • Another example is a Site Manager's Checklist which is completed daily and helps the Fuel Retailer to get a view of the basic daily information. This is especially important for Fuel Retailers who are frequently not on site or overseas for long periods of time.
    • A third example is where a site uses the Employee Interview and Employee Reference Checklists. This ensures that whoever is doing the interview or calling for the reference, asks the right questions. As a bonus the report helps the Management Team to show the Fuel Retailer they have followed the right process.
    • Lastly, just in case you view Food Safety separately from Health & Safety, 'tasksafe' also includes Food Safety, Hygiene & Housekeeping templates. These can be used for temperature controls, which can be monitored on the Dashboard. As well as other Food Safety activities e.g. receiving, store room checks, cleaning checks, food hygiene audits, and more.

    ​List of available inspection, checklist, audit and other templates

    All Inspection Templates (click here to see list)

    ​The following Inspection templates are already available and can be customized according to Oil Company requirements

    o First Aid Box Inspection

    o Fire Fighting Equipment Inspection

    o Waste Disposal Monitoring Inspection

    o Fixed Ladder Inspection

    o Portable Ladder Inspection

    o Spill Kit Inspection

    o Portable Electrical Equipment/Tool Inspection

    o Machine Guard Inspection

    o Critical Valves & Switches Inspection

    o Air Compressor Inspection

    o First Aid Treatment Checklist

    o Kitchen & Canteen Inspection

    o Sanitation (Public & Staff Toilets & Facilities) Inspection

    o Food Hygiene & Housekeeping Inspection (various areas)

    o Equipment Temperature Inspection

    o Workshop Inspection

    o Tanks, Manholes, Vent Pipes, Dip & Filler Points Inspection
    o Shop, Store Room & Air Conditioning Inspection
    o Office & Cashier Area Inspection
    o Attendant Kiosk Inspection
    o Generator Inspection
    o Gas Cages Inspection
    o Forecourt & Yard Inspection
    o Car Wash Inspection
    o PPE Inspection
    All Appointment Letter Templates (click here to see list)

    ​The following Appointment Letter templates are already available and can be customized according to Oil Company requirements

    o 16.1 Appointment Letter (Fuel Retailer)

    o 16.2 Appointment Letter (Site Manager)
    o 8.2 Supervisor Appointment Letter

    o Incident/Accident Investigator Appointment Letter

    o Health & Safety Representative Appointment Letter

    o Ladder Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Portable Electrical Tool/Equipment Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Portable Gas Container Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Sanitation (Public & Staff Toilets & Facilities) Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Stacking & Storing Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Hazardous Chemical Substances (HCS) Coordinator/Controller Appointment Letter

    o Health & Safety Committee Member Appointment Letter

    o Health & Safety Committee Chairperson Appointment Letter

    o Emergency Coordinator Appointment Letter

    o Emergency Response Team Member Appointment Letter

    o Fire Fighting Team Member Appointment Letter

    o First Aid Team Appointment Letter

    o Roll Call Taker Appointment Letter

    o Fire Fighting Equipment Inspector Appointment Letter

    o First Aid Box Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Health & Safety Training Coordinator Appointment Letter

    o Self-Audit Team Member Appointment Letter

    o Risk Assessor Appointment Letter

    o Vessel Under Pressure inspector Appointment Letter

    o Electrical Tool/Equipment in Hazardous Locations Inspector Appointment Letter

    o Health & Safety Representative Appointment Letter

    All Other Templates (click here to see list)

    The following Other templates are already available and can be customized according to Oil Company requirements

    o Oil Company HSSE/HSEQ/SHE Policy/Charter

    o Site HSSE/HSEQ/SHE Policy

    o Full HSSE/HSEQ/SHE Audit

    o Full Food Safety, Hygiene & Housekeeping Audit

    o Full Health & Safety Representative Audit

    o Health & Safety Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes

    o Health & Safety Suggestion Form

    o Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act: Employee Consent for Information Disclosure

    o Legal Register (List of Applicable Legislation)

    o Food, Trade & Pest Control Legal Requirements Checklist

    o Register of Licenses & Permits

    o Significant Risk Register & Action Plan

    o Work Instructions

    o Chemical Inventory Index (MSDS)

    o 37.2 Contractor Agreement

    o Training Attendance Register

    o Emergency Response Drills (various scenarios)

    o Medical Surveillance Program Checklist

    o Department of Energy Annual Submission Checklist

    o Disciplinary Hearing Chairperson's Checklist

    o Employee Interview Checklist

    o Employee Reference Checklist

    o Service Station Takeover Checklist (various scenarios)

    o Workplace Orientation Checklist

    o Financial Year End Preparation Checklist

    o Daily Shift Handover Checklist

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