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'fuelstream' is no longer a newsletter, it is a book of Fuel Retail experiences. We publish 1 chapter every month and the only way to get it is via email.

Each chapter is filled with real-life experiences that will help you to run a profitable and sustainable service station

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'fuelstream' is completely free and only available via email once or twice a month

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We know your inbox gets overloaded at times which is why we always try to fill each edition with practical tips and best practices

On average, we send only 1 or 2 'fuelstream's per month

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The 'fuelstream' Fuel Retail community has exclusive access and anyone in the fuel industry can j

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All Fuel Retailers, Managers, Oil Company Personnel and Industry Organizations can join to become a member of the largest Fuel Retail(er) community in South Africa

What members from sites all over South Africa have said ...

"I had not realized how quickly dangers can escalate on site, until I started receiving 'fuelstream' "
From time to time we do industry surveys such as "fuel mix", "code of conduct" and "overtime"
"The 'fuelstream' on  "The correct way to determine pricing of products in the shop" made me realize how thin the margins are and how diligently we must manage them"
"Your communications are great. Please keep sending them, I forward them to my whole team"
"Thank you for clarifying the latest retail margin and how to read the press release"
"Found this contractor at a site in JHB, just shows how easily an unsafe act and condition is created"
"Climate change has had a severe impact on many service stations who now have to add 'severe weather' to their list of Emergency Response Scenarios & Drills"
"Thank you for this months 'fuelstream', we print them out and give to our whole team at each site to read and implement"

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