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FUTURENT Technologies - Company Profile
Part of the FUTURENT Group of Companies

We have been involved in the fuel industry since 1999

We have owned and operated sites in several networks

We have developed training material for Fuel Retail programs, Management programs, Staff training and much more

We have trained thousands of Service Station employees, Management Teams and Fuel Retailers

We are dedicated to the fuel industry

Our Vision and Mission

We augment people and businesses using enabling technologies

What we do?

That means we support you and your team to achieve more, extend your profitability and remain competitive in the highly regulated and complex South African fuel retail industry

Over the last few years we have focused on building state-of-the-art, scalable and easy to use digital services that include e-learning, health & safety monitoring, communication and community building.

Best EduTech Startup Award

We were chosen as the overall winner in the Best EduTech StartUp category at the 2018 Southern Africa StartUp Awards. We also represented South Africa at the Regional Finals and competed against 13 other countries.

Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Award

We’re extremely proud to have received the Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Award and to be a finalist in the other categories of the 2017 South African Small Business Awards.

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