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Become a Content Partner and share your content free of charge with our existing client base of hundreds of service stations and thousands of learners across South Africa

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South African Banking Risk Association of South Africa (SABRIC)

"Educational and helpful" - Patrick Masina

​"Very important" - Isaac Lengoabala
"Very educational, learnt a lot" - Elisha Mundondo

​"I'm loving the lessons" - Bright Kingston
"This module gives tips on how to avoid being robbed" - Innocent Maltji

​"Very very verrrry good" - Mpharamela Sipho Satjana
"Teaches me how to be safe" - sikheto Hudson Makhubele

​"I am enjoying my training" - Tebogo Mashulu
"I learnt not to just open any links without checking" - Sibonginkosi Hadebe
"Great subject and informative too" - Mokgadi Thapelo

Payments Association of South Africa (PASA)

How to become a Content Partner

Who can become a Content Partner?

Who can become a Content Partner?

If you have content that is relevant to our learners, you can become a Content Partner. Any non-profit or industry-related organization with information that will benefit employees, managers and business owners in the fuel industry can share their content free of charge on 'tasklearn'. We do not charge any additional fees or subscriptions to clients for accessing this content on 'tasklearn', 'tasksafe' or 'task360'.

This can potentially provide you with access to thousands of learners and assist to distribute your content to a wider audience. 

For example, the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) has shared some amazing videos that advise learners on how debit orders work. This is extremely valuable to the fuel industry as employees are minimum wage workers and often fall prey to fraudulent debit orders and related issues.

Another example is the South African Banking Risk Association of South Africa (SABRIC). They have shared practical videos on how to safeguard your ATM pin, working with cash and protecting yourself from phishing scams.

All content is made available free of charge to existing learners and modules are branded with the Content Partners logo. Content Partners retain all rights to content at all times and any content can be deleted from the platform at any time.

Why is content from Content Partners shared free of charge?

Why is content from Content Partners shared free of charge?

Content Partners are typically non-profit or industry organizations that operate to benefit the industry, the general public or specific groups. If there is alignment between the Content Partners strategic objectives and their efforts to benefit the fuel industry, Service Station employees, business owners or other related areas, we want to help.

Enabling technologies allow us to share information much easier and to a wider audience. We are able to take any existing content e.g. videos, audio, documents, files and images and create e-learning modules, checklists, assessments and more that can be shared with existing users.

This allows us to support Content Partners to get their message, advice, best practices and tips to some of the most isolated groups and lowest income employees in South Africa.
What do I do to become a Content Partner?

What do I do to become a Content Partner?

If you believe your organization has content that is relevant to the fuel industry, and you are willing to share this content, please contact us.

We will answer any questions you may have and assist you to decide on the way forward. We can work with your team to identify opportunities and setup a demonstration to guide you through the different options.

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