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Industry Calendar

Get reminders in advance of important industry dates, public holidays and more so you can update rosters, reduce overtime and plan ahead

Industry Information

We curate news stories, articles, industry research and other relevant information specific to the fuel industry and make it available all in one place for easy reference

Monthly Fuel Price Changes

Fuel Price updates are posted daily so you can get an idea of the coming price changes

The monthly Fuel Price Changes are posted the moment they become available

All the latest information

  • Get the latest daily fuel price updates
  • Get the monthly fuel price changes
  • Get the latest fuel industry articles
  • All in one place for easy reference
  • Chat with other Fuel Retailers
  • Ask questions and get advice

Better than WhatsApp

We believe 'task360' works much better than WhatsApp groups as there are no limits to the number of participants 

We create separate channels for important topics AND there is a powerful search function so you can find information easily

Also, it's easy to do one-click video calls, quick screenshare and online meetings without troublesome meeting requests and broken invite links

Easy access on your smartphone

'task360' has an easy to use mobile app so you get access to all the information, channels, discussions and updates in your pocket

Dealer Councils

Let us assist your Dealer Council or Advisory Council 

You can setup private channels that allow you to hold national and regional meetings with as many people as you want

Use quick & easy chat, screen share, file share and one-click video call options

Share agendas, keep minutes and connect individuals, regions and working groups

View only the information you need

You can manage notifications and mute channels if needed and you can check in as frequently as you want

Some members check in daily, others weekly or monthly depending on your schedule and convenience

Build a community of Fuel Retailers

'task360' is a perfect tool to manage your discussion groups, share important information with Fuel Retailers in your network or area and gather information on any issue your fellow Fuel Retailers are facing

Open to Fuel Retailers and Managers

'task360' is available to Fuel Retailers, Site Managers, Dealer Councils and Working Groups

Use 'task360' to hold your next working group discussion, share videos and files and stay up to date with industry information

Completely FREE

'task360' is completely free to use and easy to set up

Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk team is available to assist you with step-by-step support and troubleshooting

We also provide easy to use how-to guides which you can print and keep on hand


Phone: +27 76 621 2571

WhatsApp: +27 12 804 5066

'task360' - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

Why is 'task360' better than WhatsApp? (click here to see details)

Why is 'task360' better than WhatsApp?

Firstly, WhatsApp has a few major issues:

  • WhatsApp groups have hard limits on the number of members
  • WhatsApp groups provide Admins with almost no control features
  • WhatsApp groups struggle to handle large groups discussion multiple topics
  • WhatsApp groups can only mute ALL comments, not just specific threads
  • WhatsApp groups can only handle basic messaging and video calls are limited

'task360' makes use of the Discord platform, which is completely FREE, but has dozens of features that are essential for any active online community.

  • 'task360' is managed by us, so all the admin is taken care of and our Helpdesk is available to assist. We can help Admins to retain control and increase the admin group to distribute the workload.
  • Each Oil Company brand has a dedicated server and can accommodate thousands of members i.e. the entire network.
  • Important topics can be handled in dedicated channels which allows relevant information to stay together and not get drowned out. And the search feature is a superpower.
  • Each member can mute specific channels for topics they're not interested in, but they still keep access and they can still view all comments.
  • Video calls, screenshare, meetings, working groups and teams can all get in touch with one click.

Now, isn't that WAY better than WhatsApp?
How can I use 'task360'? (click here to see details)

How can I use 'task360'?

The groups that get the most value from 'task360' are where lively debate, information sharing and discussion happen. Fuel Retailers who have been in the industry for decades have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share and no place to do it. Networks lose valuable insights every year because there is no capable forum for capturing "war stories", best practices, tips and ideas.

Some users check in every day while others check in weekly or monthly. Whichever you choose, you can easily catch up with several different threads of conversations, exactly where you left off the last time.

Each group has different channels and some are more active than others. Channel topics include COVID-19, supplier information, back office system troubleshooting, safety & security (such as suspect vehicles and customers), wages, MIBCO, and many more.

'task360' is an effective community forum for sharing information quickly and easily. Besides active users, our team is also constantly on the lookout for information e.g. fuel price changes, industry reminders, news articles, etc. and we share them in dedicated channels daily.

How do we use 'task360' for working groups & committees? (click here to see details)

How do we use 'task360' for working groups & committees?

Fuel Retailers need secure spaces, to discuss various topics and coordinate information. This helps them to troubleshoot issues that other Fuel Retailers may have faced and found solutions to. It also provides opportunity to share insights into margin optimization, regional and national discussion topics and more.

It also connects Fuel Retailers to each other and helps to prevent isolation and loss of community. This is especially relevant during lockdown and travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

'task360' provides for private channels and role permissions that allow working groups and committees to securely share information and discuss their mandated topics. All comments, files, agendas, minutes, etc. remain on the system which allow for easy handover from old group members to new members.

How can our Dealer Council / Advisory Council use 'task360'? (click here to see details)

How can our Dealer Council / Advisory Council use 'task360'?

Most networks have Regional and National Fuel Retailer(Dealer) Councils, Advisory Councils or something similar. These Councils have to meet regularly and stay up to date on issues in their regions. Often they have to gather information and get up to date responses from other Fuel Retailers. This is always difficult and often results in Fuel Retailers from remote areas being excluded from critical discussions and meetings.

During the pandemic, this challenge is even more disruptive.

Fuel Retailers can use 'task360' to setup private channels for Council members. They can use the one-click video call features to setup meetings and discussions with other members very easily with no cumbersome meeting invites and invite links that don't work.

Councils can also facilitate their full member meeting with all Fuel Retailers in the region, even if there are hundreds of attendees. This can assist with shorter meetings and where meetings have to happen more often without dealing with travel logistics. 

Presenters can easily share their screen and talk through their slides, while attendees can post questions in a dedicated channel, which the presenter can answer after the presentation, without time constraints. Presenters can share their slide packs, videos and relevant marketing and/or product information on the channel. Everything remains available on the channel for reference after the meeting.

Councils can also use 'task360' for monthly or quarterly information sharing sessions, where Fuel Retailers are invited to share their experiences, advice and best practices.

What does it cost? (click here to see details)

What does it cost?

'task360' is completely FREE. You can use the platform as needed and our Helpdesk will assist to create new channels, setup roles and permissions and more. Our communication team will post relevant industry information.

In the event that you require more help and support, especially during the setup phase for more complicated groups such as Fuel Retailer/Dealer Councils, we can assist at a special rate. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and we can provide more detail.

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